Chandra Dixon, MEd, LPCC



Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent counseling can be a challenge to many counselors due to the developmental changes occurring during this time.   I have spent a majority of my career working with adolescents.  I was a teacher then became an assistant principal and have been working with middle and high school aged adolescents for the last 27 years.  I understand how to work with adolescents on peer conflicts, relationship issues, peer pressure and self harm.  Many teens have been forced by their parents to attend but in the end come voluntarily to continue to work on themselves.  I weave my experience in with the use humor and relationship building to develop a rapport with adolescents.  



Anger Management

Chronic Pain and Illness



Gaming Addictions

Gender and Sexuality

Grief and Loss




Trauma (PTSD & DID) 

EMDR Trained

Gender Therapy

 It is often referred to as gender dsyphoria-This is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there's a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It's sometimes known as gender incongruence. Treatment for gender dysphoria aims to help people live the way they want to, in their preferred gender identity.

What this means will vary from person to person, and is different for children, young people and adults. Your counselor will work with you on a treatment plan that's tailored to your needs. We do write letters for surgical procedures all in congruence with the WPATH Standards of Care.  

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a means of self-care and personal growth. Sometimes we need perspective on our ever changing lives. While we do have some traits of our personality that stay relatively the same throughout our lives, we are also constantly changing in the other dimensions of our personality; through our beliefs, our values, and the narrative we have about ourselves and our life. That is precisely what psychotherapy is all about, exploring the facets of your personality and helping you be someone you're proud of, while learning to practice compassion towards yourself and others.