Chandra Dixon, MEd, LPCC



Chandra Dixon, MEd, LPCC

Who am I, and Why Choose Me?

My name is Chandra Dixon, and I had the unique experience growing up near the city of Chicago with a diverse group of friends and community members. I moved to Kentucky in 1996 with two years of teaching under my belt. I have always wanted to be an educator; you know when you gather the stuffed animals and teach them how to solve linear equations? No? Just me? That's okay-I will own it and will always be proud of my nerdy side. Let me tell you a little more about who I am.

I am a teacher. I began teaching math 27 years ago. Before that I tutored at a program that taught people with dyslexia how to use their unique talent. During my teaching tenure I have worked with middle school and high school students in the subjects of math and English. The "aha" moments were my fuel. I loved helping others learn. After teaching for 13 years I went back to get a degree in Instructional Leadership and became a vice principal in 2006. In 2008 I had the privilege of opening a brand new high school in Boone County, Cooper High School, as their first assistant principal.

I am a counselor. After 7 years as an administrator, I began to question how effective I was helping students with their life concerns. This led me to seek more training, so in 2013 I went to Xavier University to gain a clinical counseling degree. I currently own a private practice where I do what I love, and that is helping others navigate the world with support.

I am an athlete. I started playing basketball and softball at age 7 and continued through high school and obtained a scholarship to play fastpitch softball in college. Unfortunately life takes us in different directions, so I never played fastpitch in college; instead I moved to KY and played slow pitch softball for the first time my freshmen year in college. After that, I continued to play competitive slowpitch softball and travel the US competing in tournaments until 2006. I also coached the varsity fastpitch softball team at Conner High School for 11 years.

I am a city girl at heart. Growing up near Chicago allowed me to be around so many diverse people. I also learned that everyone has a challenge, so do not judge. I thank my parents and my city for that! Now that I live in KY, I wouldn't change it for the world but I am fortunate to have had the best of both worlds.

I am an advocate. Advocating for others has always been something I have been called to do. I love to volunteer in the community and work with the underserved populations: another thing I can thank my city life for. I work a great deal with the LGBTQ+ community advocating for this population. I work with many transgender clients who want to transition and become their authentic selves. I am here to support you and provide resources along the way, utilizing the WPATH Standards of Care.

I am involved in my profession. I was the president of the Northern KY Counseling Association and am currently the past president. I am an active member of KCA (KY Counseling Association) and enjoy networking with colleagues in both education and counseling. I have a large network that I am able to draw from.

I am a life-long learner. I started attending school at 5 years old and I have not left. I recently went back to college for a second Master's Degree at age 41. I love to learn, and my inner geek comes out when I am able to attend trainings, conferences, and collaborative meetings.

So why is all of this important? Simple: when you choose to work with me, you will get my experience working with people, my expertise in education, in counseling, and in working with adolescents, my dedication to helping others, and all of my passion!

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Professional Education

Bachelor of Arts:  

Alice Lloyd College

Master of Arts in Education:  

Northern Kentucky University

Rank I in Instructional Leadership

Northern Kentucky University

Master of Arts in Counseling:   

Xavier University

American Counseling Association



Kentucky Counseling Association



Northern KY Counseling Association

Past President


Reality Therapy Certification


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

License Number:  260441


"Chandra is so warm and inviting!  I wish I would have started counseling sooner.  She has worked with me to take charge of my life and not let others blur my boundaries.  If you want someone who is funny, friendly, and helps you feel at ease, Call Chandra immediately."  

Current Client

Trauma Diagnosis

"This is not what I expected counseling to be and it is a good thing!  I thought a counselor gave advice and told you how to be a better person.  This is not at all what I experienced.  Chandra is so patient, listens well, and asks thought provoking questions that led me to figure out what I needed to do to be the best I could be.  I can't thank her enough."

Current Client

Anxiety Diagnosis

"Transitioning should be something anyone could do if they wanted to.  In our area, it is not that easy but Chandra definitely helped me figure out who I was and let me be my true self in front of her.  She even talked about make-up tips with me.  That is how she is, she really gets to know you and listens to what you want and need.  If you are transitioning, she is the best person to see!"

Current Client

Transgender Female